What I really think about PriPri Cafe


running for the doorI want to love PriPri Cafe on Solano in Berkeley. I really do. It’s owned and run by nice, family-friendly people. There is no admission charge at all. Food and drinks are tasty (but service can be on the slow side) and Holden definitely has fun there.

BUT (the big BUT), it feels so unclean and chaotic all the time (whether there are dozens of people there or just me, Whit and the boys) that I can’t fully get on board.

PriPri Cafe has regularly-scheduled multi-cultural activities, but the big draw for Holden is the long pebbly hallway leading right onto Solano Street. Lately, he and Julian have taken to racing baby strollers just to the door and then turning back around. Whitney and I wait patiently at the far end to give them their taste of independence and to discourage the “you run, I’ll chase” mentality, but it’s a little scary that they’re running full board toward the open road.

Play cafes are not day-care centers. They do not have the obligation to put up a baby gate at the front door because I’m supposed to be carefully watching my own son… I get it. That being said, here are my few suggestions to make PriPri my favorite place to bring baby and have a cup of cocoa all winter long:

  • Toss out some of the broken-down/dirty toys, have a “wet box” for the stuff that has been mouthed
  • Put up a baby gate at the front door
  • Tidy up and make periodic checks for loose pebbles so my baby doesn’t choke

Bottom line: A great weekly activity when I’m out of $$ and/or I’ve already been to Tumble & Tea once