Activity #420: Present your baby with a tasting menu

When Julian was a baby, four years ago, we were having lunch in Beverly Hills on vacation one day, and the restaurant happened to have some Squapples – an organic squash and apple puree – on hand. I was intrigued of course, as a newly obsessed-with-all-things-baby mom. I was impressed with the food, and it was a local-to-LA brand called Homemade Baby.

Homemade Baby Tasting Room

So L.A. parents, did you know that Homemade Baby on Jefferson has a “tasting room” open on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm? You can have your baby try free samples of their food. They also have special events with chefs and nutritionists. Sounds like a great mom’s group outing, to me, but alas, we do not live nearby. (Email this post to your LA friends.)

If you’re not in LA, you can still plan a sampling event with some baby-toting friends. Create your own tasting menu. Each parent brings a puree: either a homemade dish or one of the many boutique brands now available in the freezer section of your fancy, expensive grocery store whose name we will not mention.

Are you reading suspiciously? Please know that I do not know anyone at Homemade Baby, and no one asked me to write this. I simply like their product. In fact, I think my kids would have liked it even more if it was pears and squash instead of apples and squash. But then would they have called it Squears?