Plan a Mommy Playdate

During my first pregnancy, I learned the term “NMS” on the BabyCenter message boards. This means “not my style,” as in, “You want to decorate your baby’s room in a rockabilly theme? That sounds like fun, but NMS.” Or, if someone is planning to name their son Clifford, again, fine, but NMS. It’s like, I’m not judging it or hating it, it’s just not the type of thing I’d pick.

So my BFF from junior high goes to these “Girls Night In” sex toy parties. Um, NMS, but the idea is totally cute. A sales rep comes to sell her wares and you bring a bunch of friends over to giggle and drink together. Maybe there’s a product demonstration and maybe you buy something you’ve never heard of before that night.

If you’re into this, then you can be jealous of the event that Heather and I are attending on Thursday at our local Good Vibrations. Good Vibes is a retail store that is woman-focused and dedicated to providing access to sex-positive products and accurate sex information through CLEAN and comfortable stores, catalog, and web site “in order to enhance customers’ sex lives and to promote healthy attitudes about sex.”

What kind of event could this be? It called a MOMMY PLAYDATE! Brilliant, right? It’s a book launch party that will offer us free cocktails and a reason to go into this store. I’m bringing my momtourage for sure.

(Activity: If this is something you would enjoy with your girlfriends, look up “Passion Parties” or “Good Vibrations Home Parties”.) If you are a Bay Area chick, consider heading over to Good Vibrations on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley on Thursday night from 6-8.

Jealous? Comment on this post before Monday, March 23 to be entered to win a $25 gift card to Use it for something safe like massage oils, or something naughty, like the “as seen on Sex In The City” bunny vibrator. Did I just write “vibrator” on my blog? This is so NMS!

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