Pizza to the rescue. Again.

This is the second post in our series sponsored by Annie’s Homegrown.

When Julian started playing soccer, I suddenly understood why fast food is so dang popular with families in America. Working parents and afterschool activities combine in a way that makes the dinner production incredibly challenging. Now Scarlett is in gymnastics and Julian has a baseball schedule that makes walking in the door at 6 pm a frequent occurrence for us. Hence, I have my eyes wide open for fast and easy dinners that don’t include a side of fries. My kids won’t eat burgers anyway, so even if I drove by an In N Out on the way home from one of their sporting events, I’d be the only one who ordered something. (Seriously, what did I do wrong?)

Enter Pizza Night.

We do enjoy pizza as a family at many of our local, fancy pizza restaurants. Plain for the kids; potato, pesto, and pancetta for the adults. Something like that. But more often than not, we just want to get home, get them in the bath, and ready for bed. Often, I feel I deserve take out and don’t want to worry about how to make Indian or Thai food work for my picky eater. That’s when I look to the freezer.


It’s not June Cleaver-approved, but it makes me totally happy to have grown up take-out for the adults and Annie’s Frozen Pizza for the kids. That’s right, June. I make two separate meals. Actually I don’t even make them: I order one and heat up the other. It’s called modern family life. Get to know it.

This rising crust pizza bakes up in my beloved supersized toaster oven while I get out drinks and utensils and yell at people who need to take their cleats off before they come in the house. The crust is whole wheat and the cheese is made from milk that’s 100% hormone free. That is to say, it’s quality ingredients without any work on my part. Raw carrots and apple slices on the side and I’m done.

I’m a barbecue chicken pizza lover myself, but no one in my house will agree to that, so it’s Four Cheese for them.


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