Activity #102: Photograph your baby ALONE alone

Chelsea Day and her husband, Nate, have a special ritual whenever they’re alone with the baby for any length of time. They take pictures of their little one alone like alone alone (dare I say abandoned?) and text them to each other. We met Chelsea at the Mom 2.0 conference on a bus and she received one of the pictures while we were together.

She says, “Lack of sleep + demanding jobs that take us away from each other often = parents finding bizarrely creative ways to keep each other up-to-date”. Love it!

Photograph your baby in a Shark's Mouth

Photograph your baby on the floor of a crowded room

Photograph your baby ALONE on a stroller walk

Photograph your baby alone in the yard

Your assignment: Put your baby safely ALONE and snap a picture. Share a link with us after you send to your partner!

Chelsea and Nate blog at Someday I’ll Learn about all the stuff they didn’t learn in college about being grown-ups and having a family. Stay tuned for their “dangerous baby” and “lonely toddler” pics that I’ll share with you soon.

[all photos provided by Chelsea and they belong to her]

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