Let’s start a boys club

I want to start a parent-of-sons club in order to feature stories, joys, frustrations, and anything else unique to raising a posse of man-children. I originally imagined a #3boysclub where I could identify and obsess over parents who have, as I do, three or more male children, but then I figured, why limit it?

While I still hold moms-of-many-boys on a pedestal, all are welcome into this virtual clubhouse if one or more of the following are true:

  • You have one or more sons
  • You have a daughter who likes boys (or typically boy stuff)
  • You like boys yourself (not in the pervy way, please!)

I realize in deciding that “people who like boys” are welcome that I’ve just created the exact same club my then-six-year old tried to invent last year in his after-school program. Ha!

To get me started, will you please help me identify any friends, celebs, or bloggers who have a gaggle of boy children?

Let’s have some fun here. Whitney told me that Julie Bowen from Modern Family has her own 3 boy posse.

julie bowen and her children

Cute (and crazy I bet)! Now you name some.