Parenting trends: hot + cool colors

When I walked into the studio for speesees organic baby clothing last month, I was instantly enchanted by the color combos of the apparel on display. The proprietress, Rachel, was wearing a striking palette herself – a hot red sweater paired with a cool turquoise shirt. Over the next few weeks, I found this pairing all around me. It must be the new hottest (or coolest) thing. Is red the new pink? And aqua is the new blue?

I like it.


Pictured above:

Dragon onesie from Etsy
Horsie kimono-style onesie from speesees
Firetruck birthday invite from
Book: Hot Mama: How to Have a Babe and Be a Babe by Karen Salmansohn
Western Chief Infant/Toddler Cherry Print Rain Boot

Shirt and skirt from Noah and Lilah on Etsy.