Parenting help by Siri

Before we get started, I should probably explain that I asked Siri, the robotic assistant who lives in my iPhone, to call me Rock God like I saw in one of the commercials. She misheard me and started calling me Rock Cod and that was just too weird. Anyway, we settled on Diva.

Just because I’ve asked my phone to call me “Diva” doesn’t mean I have all the answers. Sometimes I still want her to tell me what to do. Recently, I approached her with a few parenting challenges. And this is what she told me.

Wait, what? Let’s talk about something else.

That’s not what I meant. Let me say it another way.

C’mon. Just tell me what you think.

Okay. New topic.

am i a good mom siri

Thanks, Siri. You got my back