Activity #519: Parade about town with pride

You city mamas probably already know that it’s Pride Weekend season.  That is Gay Pride for those who are not familiar with this most fabulous event.  The family-friendly folks who march with their kids in San Francisco have invited us (anyone who wants) to join them, and I’m thinking it sounds like a good idea for my little dude. He knows what a parade is, and I’m thinking when I inform him that he can actually BE IN THE PARADE, he might go crazy with excitement.  And more, he can wear a funny hat and ride his tricycle if he wants.  And, more, it’s all about being proud of who you are, and my son is all about that. Proud that he pooped in the potty, proud of his sister for eating watermelon. He shares generous doses of pride with us all the time, so this seems like a good event for him.

I posted some of the details on East Bay SavvySource for my local peeps, but it’s Pride weekend in a few other cities, I think.

(photo of our friends Norrie and Angela courtesy of Mama Isobel)