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Reader tip for too many stuffed animals

Rebeca's son is very happy

Inspired by the idea to turn a Pack ‘N Play into a ball pit, Rebeca from took it in a new direction. She takes an armful of her son’s stuffed animals and puts them into a cardboard box, or empty laundry basket, to create a cozy play area. He loves it, and it’s a […]

Activity #87: Photoshop your memories


We have previously written about our love and admiration for those who remember to take monthly pictures of their babies and add some style to the pictures. Heather used the same chair every month, as did Jen who kept it up for at least 33 months. Scrapbooker Hey Jen Renee took it to the next […]

Activity #46: Take a shower

In honor of my friend Vasco, who just had his first baby boy Milo over the weekend, I offer one of my favorite tips/activities. Try out the bouncy seat or swing and bring the baby into the bathroom with you for a quick shower. Leave the door ajar if steam is a problem. If your […]

Activity #369: Read Ahead

Dear mama-to-be, We built this site for you… Well, for us, but also for you. We challenged ourselves to think of activities that were fun for new moms because we are new moms. We came up with ideas for month one that are reasonable for moms of newborns, but here’s the catch: Moms of newborns […]

Tackle 101 things in 1,001 days

Oh my god. I am a list maker at heart. As Whitney will attest, I make spreadsheets and lists at the slightest provocation (meal plan, packing list, number of nursings) — can I graph it? Even better! Well, I love this idea and it’s so very crazy. Right now, making a list of 101 things […]