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Ten things I know because I have a ten-year old

What I've learned from parenting for ten years

Once I became a mom, I was the mom of a baby, then a toddler’s mom, then a mom of two little ones, a preschool mom, a grade school mom, and soon, the mom of tweens. That is how life works. I didn’t get diplomas at any of these graduations. In the past ten years, […]

Baby Shopping List: What to Register For and Buy

Rookie Moms registry guide: Heather and Whitney's top picks

Trying to register for a first baby is challenging. Let us help. This is your basic “if I knew then what I know now” registry. We have lots of friends with buns in the oven and have asked ourselves what we would register for now, knowing what we didn’t know back then… Also, once your […]

Activity #31: Go out for just dessert

Rookie Moms Challenge #31: Go out for just dessert when using a babysitter for the first time

I am assuming that I am not the only rookie mom for whom leaving my child to be put to bed by a babysitter for the first time was scary. My kid never took a bottle, so I pretty much had to be there for a bedtime nursing for the first ten months. This feeling […]

A recipe for at-home date nights


When I had the chance to make a video telling parents how to make “date night” happen at home, without paying for a babysitter, here’s what I said: Since then, I discovered a couple of other cool resources that may inspire you, especially if you’re not ready to leave your baby with a sitter; or […]