On realizing I’m not a rookie mom, but rather a veteran

When you're no longer a rookie mom, but a veteran.

Thanks to Courtney from Bowdenisms for this guest post. “Is this the mom’s group?” She was shy, nervous, and almost eclipsed by the gigantic stroller/baby carrier/diaper bag she was struggling to navigate between the tables at the grocery store cafe. I assumed there was a baby in that mobile fortress, but it was hard to […]

I would cook more if my kids were less rude about it

Picky kids make for cranky cooks - solutions for picky eaters

I like the satisfaction of preparing a meal; trying new recipes and cookbooks; and eating healthfully. So, why would I rather hide out on my computer seeing what’s going on with Facebook instead of actually cooking according to my meal plan most nights? I am frickin’ beat down from all the complaints. This is a real photo of delicious […]

Tech Tuesday: Dude, Where’s my car?


When I’m walking around the house like a lunatic in search of my glasses, keys, or phone, it is absurd to think I could lose something as large as an automobile, but given the right circumstances, I can. Have you ever driven around in circles in San Francisco, looking for a parking space within a […]