5 easy Halloween costumes from vests


When Whitney posted her easy babydoll dress tutorial and explained that it could double as a pirate vest, she inspired me to brainstorm other easy vest Halloween costumes. I love vests for their versatility in the costume box and the fact that they can fit longer than other tops. She said that if you didn’t […]

Join us: LuvsClub Twitter Party

#LuvsClubParty Twitter party for prizes

Luvs® Diapers is the sponsor of this upcoming twitter party and today’s post. Hi all! Did you know that we’ve been blogging and tweeting as part of the LuvsClub loyalty program. Not only can you pick up helpful and funny tips from us on the blog, but you can also keep up with offers, news, and […]

9 cool new baby and kid products I saw at ABC Kids Expo 2015

Karen — who has written numerous posts here and who has her own site Off the Meathook — and I spent the past two days walking the enormous floor of the annual ABC Kids Expo, where folks in the baby industry show off their products to potential buyers and media. Karen even spent some time laying on […]

Makin’ it: Kickass Blanket Fort

How to make a blanket fort for your kids with easy hacks

I am one lucky mother. Tomorrow, I’m expecting an appliance delivery which means one important thing: we get HUGE BOXES to create forts. As a kid, I could just about live in a refrigerator box with small windows cut out. The following guidelines to build a totally sweet indoor fort (for those of you not […]

How to take the best pictures of your child’s Halloween adorableness

Halloween photo tips by Stacy Mae Photography

AKA 3 simple ways to capture your child’s Halloween costume For photography buffs, Halloween is a glorious time of year. Adorable children lit up by the golden fall light, wearing irreverent, bold, and/or hilarious costumes. But for your average parent juggling one or two little people with extra accessories, it can be a challenge to capture […]

Halloween costume ideas for babies in carseats, strollers, or other things with wheels


We are obsessed with Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers, and for years have been taking note of any clever, especially homemade costumes that cross our paths.  Here are some impressive costume ideas that we’ve spotted for little ones who are going to stay in their strollers while you’re out for the evening. Above, I […]