Activity #28: Pack a picnic and roll in the grass

Rookie Moms Challenge 28: Pack a picnic dinner and save time on cleanup

The challenge for the day is to take advantage of a warm afternoon and feed your family outside; it’s time for a real live picnic. It is so much easier to clean up Cheerio crumbs when I can just shake my blanket into the grass and leave the rest to the bugs.

I like to keep it simple by splitting planning duties with friends or just hitting the great outdoors with my lunch and my baby:

  • Pack up the requisite baby gear during a naptime.
  • Pick up your lunch at a favorite deli or take-out joint. In other words, don’t hurt yourself by cooking if you don’t have to. (Another variation is have the pizza come to you)
  • Head to your local park or favorite grassy patch with a blanket.
  • Enjoy the first-rate free entertainment of light dancing through the leaves and cold, prickly grass. Watching other kids and dogs rounds out the fun. Baby Holden could just sit there and watch a caterpillar (like for 30 whole seconds).

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This is your twenty-eighth weekly challenge! Share your successes, attempts and photos with us here or on facebook. Share on instagram with hashtag #rookiemoms for a virtual high-five.

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