Our new weekly column on Babycenter

Before my parents and best friends knew of my pregnancy, you know who was privvy to my secret? Babycenter.com.

Yes, my old friend Babycenter assured me that my middle of the night hunger was normal, and that I wasn’t the only one out there who was 41 weeks and 6 days pregnant before their water broke.  And she’s still with me, keeping track of my kids’ ages better than I am!

Now, the blog section of the site, Momformation, has launched a Life and Home section, which maybe should be called Life, Home, and Stuff To Do, because that’s what Heather and I will be writing about every Thursday. Our Activities column will be nestled among others that cover Beauty & Fashion, House & Home, and Food & Recipes.

If you’ve had enough of us already, we totally get it. But if you want more, click over to Activities on Momformation and check it out.