Other places you can find us

Starting right about now, the Rookie Moms are going on Spring Break. Our family is driving down to Legoland in a borrowed Toyota Sienna (They call it a Swagger Wagon, people, I have high hopes). The kids are beyond thrilled to ride in a van with automatic doors. In fact, when Milo tells people about our impending family news, he usually says, “we’re getting a van and a baby!”

Whitney and her peeps are flying to visit extended family in Phoenix (the kids are calling it Penis, so that’s fun). They’ll be swimming, sunning, and funning. We’ll still be online, but we might be a little slow on email during this bonus family fun time.

You can also find us on BabyCenter’s blog where Whitney asked the question, Do you go out? After reading dozens of comments from people lacking the funds for a babysitter AND an evening out, I followed up with 18 suggestions to save money on date night. We hope these provide the inspiration to have a special evening with your partner, even if you don’t leave the house.

Thanks to the nice folks at Toyota for loaning me a Toyota Sienna for our spring break; and to the good people at LEGO for providing me a day of park passes. I’ll be sure to report back on how it all goes!