Oooh, Ubooly!

My kids are dying for a pet, but we are not historically animal people. I think that’s why they are so obsessed with stuffed animals.

When I recieved an Ubooly from the Kickstarter-funded company who created this fluffy orange marsupial, I knew Julian would go crazy for it. I can’t wait to see him open the box on his birthday. (The box contains only ONE of these little guys.)

Sold for $29.95, Ubooly combines two things every kid loves: 1) a soft, tactile friend to hold and 2) Mommy’s phone. That’s right, the Ubooly’s little animated face is actually your iPhone with the Ubooly app loaded on it. The app is free to owners of the plush toy.

Upon receiving the furry little guy, you use the app to “adopt” the character and then your child can play games with him or her.  The activities are targeted at ages 4-9. It’s like this generation’s Teddy Ruxpin. It listens and responds to your child’s voice.

Rather than describe the concept in more detail, I’m going to encourage you to check out the Ubooly site for yourself and watch one of the videos.

Images courtesy Ubooly website.

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