Only 440 days to go — oh crap!

About 560 days or so ago, I decided to take the “101 things in 1001 days challenge” because I like to have lists and goals to make myself do things.

Why don’t I exercise? Well, the argument goes something like “I don’t have an event coming up” and fitting into my clothes is a super boring goal. But then I was cleaning out my 800 or so message inbox and I ran across my list of uber-goals.

Yay! Maybe my life can have purpose again for a little while. I can change around my hair and get back on my snowboard. I only have 440 days to go. The clock is ticking.

And while I’m at it… I can update a thing or two. I have had a few accomplishments since I stopped paying attention, so just like it’s easy to delete last year’s unanswered emails, it is easy to knock a few items off my list.

#2 Get a new hairstyle.
I want to cross this one off because look at me over there in that head scarf. That’s different. I never did that before. Having those teeny tiny baby hairs after childbirth forced me into a new hair-do. But then again, I’ve been wearing it long and sloppy since 2001 so I guess I won’t cross it off.

#10 Clean out my closet for real. Almost Done. I am down to, literally, 3 shirts that hang in my closet. Then again, I still have a bunch of dresses that neither fit nor look good and I don’t even know what’s on the top shelves. Better leave that one too. I guess I won’t cross that off until I reach that perfect state of equilibrium where I have the right amount of stuff and it actually fits me and looks good. That sounds like a tall order. I hope I have some friends willing to send me on a TV show.

#11 Buy outrageously expensive jeans that I love. Done.
And I loved my Joes Jeans (and paid more than $100, which to me is crazy!) and then they kept stretching. So I returned them for a smaller size. And the only thing better than wearing pricey designer jeans is knowing that you’re wearing a size smaller than you ought to be. And I loved those jeans. And now I’m pretty much wearing them out. The right knee is whitening because of when I kneel to adjust the bike trailer for the boys.

#15 Skinny Dip. Check.
Adirondacks. Summer 2008 for about 11 seconds. It still counts.

#24 Go Camping. Yup. We had a multi-family camping extravaganza over the summer. Cute, right?

#48 Go for at least one month without buying anything new. Yay! We totally did that in February. It wasn’t even that hard from what I can remember. Maybe I remember wrong.

#53 Compost. Easy Peasy. Shortly after I made this committment, Berkeley provided city bins for composting food scraps.

Alright, that’s enough bragging and truthiness for one evening. I’m off to make some more lists or watch crappy TV. Or maybe I should beat myself up for letting another year go by without getting the family on an international trip. I just can’t decide.