One seriously crappy week

Last night, Alec and I were trying to enjoy a romantic dinner at Cafe Cacao — a lovely chocolate-themed restaurant attached to the soon-to-be closing Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory. We both seemed exhausted, frazzled, and just ick.

Dinner was awesome. I had a delectable cocoa and chili powder filet mignon that I had been craving (it was not hot, but whatever… this isn’t Yelp here). It was nice to just chill out a bit. Ahhhhh. Wine. Pot de Creme. All good.

But can I vent? We’re friends here, right?

We were wondering if we should go do something else terrific and/or romantic after dinner but decided against it because we were both too close to collapse. Dinner was followed by us navigating the pouring rain to sneak back to our couch and watch sitcoms.

This week totally sucked. We had almost all the major life stresses you can have while still retaining our jobs and home with nobody dying or being born: Alec’s job had layoffs (he’s safe for now), my job had layoffs and pay cuts (I’m eking by month to month), we started destruction on our house involving walls coming down and big checks being written, we refinanced our house, and had to figure out how to take a quick weekend getaway as a family on a crazy weekend (so said destructors could remove our heat, electrical, and plumbing without totally inconveniencing us).

Now that we’re relatively safe and calm in Sacramento, here’s hoping next week is better for us all!

I know this economy totally sucks so you can use the comments field to kvetch right back to me.