On being on a “kick”

My BFF and co-author Heather is always on some kind of a kick. She makes rules for herself and then tries to stick with them. Here are some examples: Buy only local gifts for Christmas; Eat in for every meal for one week; Do the Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred video for three days on, one day off, for 30 days; Project 365.

I am rarely on a kick. Maybe never. I am all about being flexible and adaptive. I go with the flow, forgive and forget, not setting goals that I probably won’t accomplish.

But this month, I was on two kicks.

#1 – Buy no clothes, toys, household accessories or other non-necessities for one month.

Today is almost the last day of the month and I will say that the only thing I bought was a photo from Kodak Gallery for less than $5.00. My husband did the same. We both spent money of course, but much less than normal and focused more on getting rid of stuff we don’t need and trying to use the stuff we have.

This is somewhat related to another kick that I read about, fell in love with, but did not stick to: Wear Your Closet. I did start to do this, attempting to integrate rarely-worn items into my outfits, then moving anything I wore to the left side of my closet, and forcing myself to choose items still hanging on the right. But well, excuses, excuses. Mostly it’s too cold for a lot of the stuff I have and I don’t have the right sweaters/jackets to go with some of the sleeveless stuff. Lesson learned: hoodies do NOT go with everything. Who knew?

#2 Drink only water and exercise for 10 days straight

I made only one exception during my 10 day “diet” and had a glass of champagne on date night. Did I transform my body? No. Does my body need transforming? Um, not really, which is why, in the past, I’ve never been able to stick with a diet. Yes, I think losing 5-7 lbs would be awesome, but it seems like a lot of hard work and mostly those extra lbs are hidden by the above mentioned hoodies.

I got the idea for this kick from someone mentioning it on Twitter (so be careful what you Tweet as you might start someone on a kick!) and thought that ten days is a doable amount of time to deprive myself from wine, lattes, orange juice, beer, and lemonade. I am now much more aware of how many calories I consume through beverages and will probably continue restraining myself, but not entirely.

So, am I ready for more kicks? I think so! It was fun to have a mission and I certainly feel proud of the good things I did for my body – all that exercise! all that water! – and for my bank account – all those dollars and quarters and nickels! I think I’ll continue to make my goals small.

P.S. My real-life friend Corey is doing one kick per month for a year. Read about her quest to do enough monthly.