Observe the Year of The Mom

My mind is still racing with ideas about how different I will be in 2009, yet I am cautious about making promises I cannot keep. Can I really sign myself up for thrice weekly exercising? Probably not. I cannot even sign myself up for thrice weekly romance (or cross-training as Heather might call it), and that can be done without any special shoes.

year of the momI saw Kristen’s post about The Year of The Mom and thought some more about it. I do frequently realize I haven’t gone to the bathroom when I need to, just because the kids are around. I hereby resolve to pee in a more timely manner.

Heather and Asha suggested that smaller daily goals and smallish weekly goals are another way to look at the resolution tradition. I like this idea, too.

Although I am deeply committed to using my Blackberry and Google Calendar, today, my first work day of 2009, I walked around with a piece of paper on which I have scribbled my to-do list. A mix of family tasks (call a preschool and tell them we will not be attending), professional tasks (invoice a client), and personal tasks (get my bike serviced), I am pleased to say there is a self-care item on the list as well: Schedule massage (thanks, Mom!)

Perhaps this year, I will try to accomplish one small self-care task every day? From taking extra time in the shower to shave my legs or making sure I have a glass of water next to my desk while I work, these are the things I usually let slide. I know how much better I feel when I do them, so for this week, I will try to pay more attention. And make sure to pee whenever I need to, even when the baby is awake.

What will you do to observe the Year of The Mom?