Note to self: my six week old

Milo at six weeks is quite different from Holden at six weeks. Not in appearance (yet), those little babies could have been stunt doubles for one another had they been working at the same time… but in temperament and behavior.

Here are a few notes:

  • Cuddle bug Little Holden liked to be alone in the crib or the cars eat and this one wants to be on me — snuggling in arms or wrapped in a carrier — most of the time. He’s on me by day and on Alec by evening.
  • Sleeps in the car seat. Still. This baby had a cold from five days old with sneezing and day-glo snot so we started him off sleeping in the car seat to help him breathe. Now it’s a habit. We had him in our room until last week and just moved him out into the office.
  • Nursing is getting easier. I would say the horrific pain was only about two weeks [more on that later], but that the first six weeks are pretty challenging. Now, both the mommy and baby are getting the hang of it.

Gotta run, someone’s grunting for me!