Activity #276: Let the laundry pile up

Remember when you were single and you’d let yourself get down to one pair of ratty sweatpants and zero pairs of clean underwear before dragging your ass to the laundromat? Back then, you could grab a good book and do load after load of laundry in a single quarter-draining expedition while hoping that nobody cute would see you. When you left, all your old favorite duds would be ready to wear!

Well, those days are over (and not just because I wish for you laundry in your own building). Now, I warn you that the moment you wash all the dirty clothes and linens in your home, your little angel of a baby will have a poo-splosion, a massive spit-up, or both. So, the tip today is to hang back and leave some laundry ready and waiting. And to feel good about it.