No on 8 – a Rookie Moms-endorsed vote

The purpose of this post to cheer for some folks and inspire you to vote along with us:

1- Isobel is a friend from my mom’s group, married to her partner Angela and raising a 4-year old daughter, who just got published on The Huffington Post today: For The Fourth Time, Yes I Do

2- My childhood friend Nikki and her partner Renee sent along the picture above of their son Lennox with the subject line OUR LITTLE ACTIVIST. I immediately felt that I needed to get this picture in front of more people. How could one want to delegitimize the marriage of this kid’s parents?!

3- Lesbian Dad, who has a real name that I call her in person but I don’t know if I’m allowed to say it on the Internet, crossed my path on Halloween night when we were both out Trick or Treating with our 4 year olds and 1 year olds (because you see people, we are both parents who love our children in exactly the same way and love our partners too and should have the same exact protection under the law because we, me and Lesbian Dad, are both human beings). I think I just lost control of that sentence, so let me start a new one. Lesbian Dad was dressed as a No on Prop 8 message. Because, as she says, it’s malarkey.

Enough already with the cruel attempts to keep our gay brothers and sisters from marrying the people that they love. The folks who have put Proposition 8 on the California ballot for tomorrow have employed a crazy fear tactic to get votes. The commercials warn that gay marriage will be taught in elementary schools.

I don’t even want to go through the list reasons that this is upsetting for me. I want to instead say that Heather and I want you to vote tomorrow. Please vote NO ON 8.

PS: Heather really has a gay brother and I have a gay college roommate (sister-esque) — so “brothers and sisters” is not just some weird Berkeley saying I like to use.