“No more poop in the house!”

That’s what I think it every time I change a poopy diaper. My friend Laurie told me that while I was changing a diaper at her house and it’s revolutionized my thinking (if not my actual habits).

poo on the house keyI think we’ve tried nearly every kind of disposable diaper disposal system and I hate them all. My preferred method is now to wrap the offending Huggie in a plastic bag then whisk the fecal diaper right outside and into the big bin to wait for it’s Thursday pick-up.

But you need to have buy in from other adults in the household for that method to work. Otherwise, you just have poopy diapers laying around — not going into the champ — waiting for their bag or their escort to the street.

Can anyone please help me?!
What works best for those offensive toddler diapers?

Our current disposal model goes like this:

  • Pee diapers go right into the diaper champ.
  • Poopy diapers go right outside or wait around festering.

In the boys’ bedroom, we have a diaper champ. It stinks for toddler diapers. Even with a trucker air freshener. It worked just great for those sweet(er)-smelling newborn diapers.

At my mom’s house, there’s a diaper genie. Too confusing. And those plastic sausages strike me as super un-environmentally-friendly. I already have disposable diaper guilt.

In the bathroom, we have a flip top garbage pail. It stinks like a revolving door onto a sewage processing plant.

Also in the bathroom, we have a small garbage can that we use for other bathroom garbage, but I find that if I just keep diapers in there until they bug me, it’s a pretty workable system.

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