New sponsor: Relish!

You may have seen the advertisement in the right hand sidebar over the last week or so: Relish is a meal planning service that makes shopping and cooking easier.

You sign up online and then browse through their “current menu”, “past menus”, or just search for something you know you want to use, like “celery”. Using the online dashboard, you add meals to your week or your freezer, and then generate a shopping list.

The shopping list is organized by section of your grocery store — and even indicates “What You Need But May Already Have”, such as butter.

My friend Erin has a notebook in her kitchen of all her Relish recipes, which is how I first heard of it.

Heather already used her two-week trial and said:

All meals we made were tasty and fresh. Since I cooked for a four person family, we had leftovers each time. Now I know better and would count my little boys as one single person; but it was great to have such a variety for lunch. Alec and I also particularly enjoyed the way you could make ahead with freezer meals and used it to stock our freezer for these hazy baby months.

There are so many options to explore on Relish, and we’re giving you some time to get to know it. Use the code “ROOKIEMOM” as a gift code when you sign up through the REDEEM A VOUCHER link and you’ll have two weeks of free access.

Thanks to Relish for offering this service to our readers!