My amazing post-baby manicure {Rookie Moms Challenge #8}

My amazing post-baby manicure

Is it wrong that painting Riley’s feet had me skipping ahead directly to the mama-deserves-a-pedicure paint my own toes challenge? Well, it was truly out of my hands. It just happened to be my birthday and I was kidnapped by a friend who must be a mind reader. She treated me to a pedi AND a mani!

Dad stayed home with baby boy and my tootsies walked ran for that vibrating massage chair to soak up every moment of pampering. The pedicure was heaven, but the manicure, the manicure my friends, was to die for!

The Gear

  • I pretty much forgot everything at home in my excitement.
  • I did remember my partially charged phone (the boys did great, but, just in case).
  • Fortunately my new mom uniform of yoga pants and flip-flops were perfectly en vogue at the salon.

So what was so great about this manicure anyway? How did it beat out a half-hour foot massage and a thorough scrub? Get this: my fancy-schmancy gel manicure CHANGES COLOR! What?! Oh yeah baby. From bright red to deep purple and it’s sparkly to boot. Now, I wouldn’t classify a gel manicure as a cheap thrill, but my swanky digits have kept me easily entertained for 12 days and counting. No chips, super shiny, and did I mention? They change color!

My fingernails change color, yes they do

Y’all simply MUST request this polish at your local spa. Scrimp, save, do what you have to do for a gel/shellac color changing mani (or pedi!). I’ve been seeing great deals all over Groupon.

Diaper changes have become glamorous and bath-time double the fun!

The baby was home with Daddy while I got my nails done

The Duds

  • No complaints. No complaints at all!
  • Well, except that I missed my little buddy terribly.

The Delights

First off, my nails change color with the temperature. They change color, people!

The only other customers in the shop were another mama and her 8-year-old boy. He was equal parts embarrassed and thrilled. He kept squealing “that tickles!” or sighing, “I’m so relaxed”. He enjoyed the whole experience to his core and we all enjoyed the simple pleasure of his company. It had me thinking, “Riley, give it a few years, you’re next”.

[Photos by me, Suzanne Curletto, all rights reserved]

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