Activity #20: Narrate your day

Days at home alone with a baby can be soooo long. On the bright side, he’s a very captive audience and interested in all your innermost thoughts. Tell your baby about what you are doing to him when you change his diaper, lift him up, feed him. Narrate life’s little adventures when you clip your toenails, pee, or fold the laundry. I knew we were a family when I caught myself saying, “And this is mommy’s underwear” and he wasn’t in the room.

Alec discovered that this little trick also works for doing the dishes, but if you want to keep putting off doing dishes, I completely support that!

Narrate your day to your baby

If having a constant companion share your inner dialog isn’t motivation enough, pediatric research shows that frequently talking to your baby can make him smarter. To up the ante, point at what you’re talking about.

“And now we’re going to pick up Mommy’s very hot coffee.”