My kids are cool with leftovers

In the Ragu-sponsored video we are sharing this week, I chat with my blogging buddies Kim Tracy Prince and Renee Ross about leftovers.

Since I make two separate dinners for my family (adults vs kids), I don’t personally struggle with convincing my kids to eat leftovers. The kids are not eating what Ryan and I eat anyway. (If you are also in the Two-Dinner Club, please let me know so that I feel like less of a failure!)

Also? My children both WANT to eat the same thing a bunch of nights in a row. Scarlett is on a pupusa kick. This week, if she doesn’t get a bean and cheese pupusa on her plate, she will be pissed, no matter what else she’s already eaten. Julian would be happy if we made mac and cheese on Monday and fed the remainder to him every day for the rest of the week. Cheese pizza or pasta would be acceptable substitutes.


Do your kids like the same thing every night? Is that an option? Or is that the only option?

P.S. This video was part of a promotional series called Mom’s The Word on Dinner, put together by Ragu. (I know, I know, sometimes Dad is the word on dinner, but folks, that ship has already sailed.) See all the Ragu videos on their Facebook page.

P.S.2. Of course I do not make pupusas from scratch. I buy them pre-packaged in the refrigerated section of the fancy grocery store.