My Creative Moms’ Night Out {Rookie Moms Challenge #10}

I have to thank the Rookie Moms, Heather and Whitney, for helping to break my creative slump. Sincerely, I could not be more grateful. What with all of this painting I have been doing, when faced with Rookie Moms Challenge #10 Plan a moms’ night out with some friends,  I was inspired to choose a night of making art with my friends rather than a night of tequila shots and booty-shaking. See how refined I’ve become?

Suzanne is ready for her artsy moms night out

I figured what better way to spend an evening than with some good friends, wine (a friend indeed), and more paints? Have you noticed all of these studios stocked with easels and bars popping up? I think they are the best idea. If I were still dating (sigh), I would coerce each and every victim into this type of date, rather than the typical dinner and a movie.

Groupon came to the rescue, and I coerced my friends into grabbing a sweet deal for a three-hour painting class. Together we headed for Pinot’s Palette, a local “paint and sip” franchise. We arrived to find about twenty other people of every make and model ready to roll up their sleeves, sip some wine, and learn a little something new.

Moms Night Out idea: Pinot's Pallete

The gear

  • Makeup
  • Cute top
  • Heels

Much of the hour I set aside for myself to get ready to hit the town was mysteriously used up not getting ready. I am pretty sure I was wandering around aimlessly for a good portion of it, somewhat dazed. Mostly I was thinking, “How the hell am I going to stay awake until the class is over at 10:00pm?”

Somehow I managed to pull myself together and even got the “hubba-hubba” seal of approval from the hubby. This time I was nervous leaving the guys. All told, between dinner, travel and the class, I would be gone for the next 6 hours. Call if he runs out of milk, call if something bad happens, call if you panic, call me for any reason, in fact – just call me, were my parting words.

Planning an artsy moms night out

The Drips
To the sleep-deprived and deranged 10:00pm is really late. After feeling somewhat guilty that halfway through the class, engrossed in my brushstrokes I forgot I had a baby, I tiptoed home through the backdoor genuinely sad that my little one was already asleep for the night, without me.

The Divine
Painting class was fun. Really fun. It was a great group of people and there were plenty of laughs as well as a collective gasp of horror when we were ready to add human figures to the canvas we had toiled over for the last 2 hours.

Now that I’ve experienced it firsthand, I am sold. This is seriously the most fun to be had on a night out, whether it’s a date, girl’s night, or a birthday party. OK, OK, it takes a close second to tequila shots and booty-shaking anyway.

Planning an artsy moms night out

(And look at my souvenir!)

photos courtesy Suzanne Curletto and Pinot’s Palette website

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