Motherhood changes everything, but what, specifically?

Whitney and I attended the 21st Century Mom Insights Discussion at Babycenter yesterday and this is something we wanted to share with you. 

Motherhood changes everything. We know this fact but what does it mean in real terms? Yes, I could go on about how it changed my feet, my hair, my sleep but that’s not the essence of who I am. I also had a harder time taking a shower (temporary!) and connecting with my child-free friends (ongoing). My worklife has radically changed, but that’s a whole separate post.

Babycenter conducted many surveys on its bajillions of new moms in order to crunch some hard numbers on what actually changes when we become moms.

The things we care about

Before babies, our priorities tend to look a little something like this:
What is most important to women before motherhood | source: babycenter

Just moments after birth, preferences and priorities change dramatically to include the tiny… and they never switch back!

What is most important to women after motherhood | source: babycenter

How we spend our time

The babycenter research team dug into how new moms spend the hours of their days compared with pre-baby life. At this point, I involuntarily heckled something about having to cook for children “every freaking day.” I was nodding in agreement even as I squinted at the slide.

The stuff on the left is what we spend less time doing in favor of the activities on the right. You can click on the image to see it in its full glory.

How new moms spend their time | source: babycenter

I’m curious what you think of this study. Are you involuntarily nodding along? At what parts?

Research data provided by Babycenter Insights. Take a look at the whole 21st Century Mom Insights Discussion here.