Moms on Bikes, Part I

I have a really nice road bike in the garage. I got it as a high school graduation present. My friends and I, along with a Government teacher as our chaperone, planned to ride from Santa Cruz back home to Los Angeles over a 5-day camping trip. We trained for months.

We made the 6-hour drive to Santa Cruz on Day One, hit the grocery store for supplies, and headed for our first night of outdoor sleeping. Guess who fell off her bike, broke her elbow, and flew home the next day? Oh yes I did.

In 2000, I completed the California AIDS Ride, covering pretty much that same route, so don’t you worry, I got my victory tour.

Since giving birth, I’ve barely gotten on that fancy bike. It requires special shoes and all, which seems like a huge pain. Whenever we go on a trip away from kids, Ryan and I rent cruiser-style bicycles. I love how freeing they are.  And now I have one.

Huffy sent me and Heather each a $99 set of wheels to help promote casual riding around town. And that we did.

I requested a girl’s bike as I am five feet tall, and it fits me swell. See how mine is an inch or so shorter than Heather’s?

What do you think of Le Pregnant Heather on her bike? Is she Euro-awesome or what? Stay tuned for part deux of Moms on Bikes when I share pics of our friend in Denmark riding home from the hospital with her baby.

Do you ride a bike? For exercise, transportation, or just for fun? How do you fit it in with your parenting duties?

Disclosure: Huffy simply sent us the bikes and did not suggest any content for this post. When people on the street commented, “Cute bike”, I thought you might like to see my new wheels. Or maybe those people were just teasing me.