Mom’s big weekend away

I did it.

I survived a weekend away from my family. Yeehaw!

This is the fourth time that I’ve been away from Holden overnight — the first two being my grandpa’s funeral and Milo’s birth and the other a bridal shower in which I toted Milo along — but only the first time away from Milo.

I was nervous. But, encouraged by my friend Molly’s sage advice, I made the most of it!

When I emailed her asking for good humor and courage, she assured me that I already had both in abundance (you gotta love a friend like Molly). She wrote that what I needed to remember most is that my “boys will THRIVE if I THRIVE.”

And I knew with total certainty that if I was going to get on that plane to Miami and then mope and sulk, I was not doing anyone any good… not my friends who wanted to celebrate, not my husband who agreed to hold down the fort, and not my cutie pie sons.

So I had fun.

Well, I laughed, i cried, I drank wine, i tried to smoke a cigar, I sat under an umbrella on the beach, I stayed out late, I slept 8 hours in a row, I showered uninterrupted, I ate a ton, I read a book, I flipped through trashy magazines, I had adult conversations, and I THRIVED!

Names and pictures of my friends are not provided because what happens in Miami stays in Miami other than all those bits I just told you. ;-)

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