Mom and Pop toy shops need our support

I’m not going to lie to you. My kids and I spent 90 minutes in Target yesterday, and all we bought was toilet paper and tissue.  I went there because it was raining, I needed those two items, and I thought we could waste a good hour not touching the holiday decorations.  And we did. (I did not buy anything that wasn’t on our list, so a round of applause please.)

We didn’t even hit the toy aisle, because if we did, well how would we ever leave?

So now I want to remind myself that we’ve had just as good a time and spent just as long in some of our local mom and pop toy stores. They carry brands and styles that the big box stores don’t, and I appreciate that.  They make our shopping destinations fun and interesting, and without them, we’d have only strip malls. So this is just a little plug for us to remember the mom and pop toy stores when we do our holiday shopping.

Cute mobile, right? Not from Babies R Us. No ma'am.

I may curse their prices, but I don’t want to lose them in my town. So I pledge to spend some dollars next month with my favorite specialty toy retailers. Please join me and shop local!

Berkeley favorites that you can shop from your own house: Kid Dynamo, This Little Piggy, and The Ark (coming soon).