Mo’ Babies: reminiscing about little ones

Mo baby showerFor some odd reason, even when I have a newborn of my own and I see another one, my heart gets all ooey gooey and I melt and want to pick it up and love it and squeeze it. I assume it’s a biological imperative that makes new babies so loveable and delicious (despite their appearances as plucked poultry without neck control) to ensure the survival of the species.

When my baby brother (now 24) tells me that he wants four kids — I say “yay! (at least it’s not me)” and when Uncensored Kristen and Wild Rebecca each add to their brood with a third and a second respectively, I wish we all lived close enough that I could hug and squeeze the new babies before sending them home with their newborn screams.

Hmmm, as part of a collective bloggy baby shower, we’re reminiscing about those sweet cuddly baby days. Here are the things I do miss:

  • Sweet little hands and feet
  • Squishy kissable cheeks
  • The softest skin ever invented
  • The ability to fall asleep anywhere, even upright (him or me!)

When you’re bringing a newborn into a home with a young child (or two!), it’s amazing to see how far that they’ve come as children and you’ve come as a parent. The big one(s) went from being your little guy one day to being a teenage-size monster overnight. Good luck with that!

Milo at 19 months is two months younger than Holden was when we brought him home, and I’m obsessed with that little fact. But enough about me… And I won’t go into the things I don’t miss, the things that are hard or culture-shocking or confusing (the whole rest of this site is dedicated to that), I’ll just wish these fine ladies and all families expecting to add more members the very best of luck.

Take lots of pictures!

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