Activity #211: Milk it, mama

Some people love pregnancy. They will find you and tell you how wonderful it was for them. I am not one of those people. Sure, I like certain aspects (growing an actual human and eating chocolate with reckless abandon for instance) but I do not looooooooove backaches, brain fade, sore hips, massive moodswings, fat ankles, heartburn, etc. etc.

Milk It: How to Get More Than a Baby out of the Next Nine MonthsMilk It: How to Get More Than a Baby out of the Next Nine Months is a light-hearted little book with helpful and funny tips for making it through this amazing transition (while getting the attention and stuff that you’re undoubtedly entitled to). My favorite tips were how to stand pregnant on a bus to make sure you always get a seat and what to take from the plethora of freebies at the hospital during baby-delivery.

I think this book makes a sweet little “congrats you’re pregnant” gift in the same spirit as Hot Mama: How to Have a Babe and Be a Babe. Until the great Rookie Moms book comes out, these’ll have to do… :-)