Makin’ it: cartoon-inspired meals

I bookmarked a post by Jen Renee  that I’ve been meaning to share. She wrote, “It’s okay to play with your food.” I couldn’t agree more.

I love the simple food designs Jen made for her daughter.  (If you are going to Pin these, please do so from the original source.)

The key is to use a cookie cutter or two, which makes me very happy because I have a huge ziploc bag of cookie cutters that don’t get used very often.

Another talented food artist is my buddy Wendy.  If you want to go Pinterest-crazy with these photos, her gallery is the place to start. These are some of her kids’ lunches. I really love how she makes them special with some simple things like the way she folds the lunchmeat or layers the apples.

Inspired by Wendy’s never-ending creativity, I put some pictorial snacks out for the kids on Christmas Eve. Scarlett couldn’t stop touching everything long enough for me to take a clear picture!

Are you up for making a smiley face out of your lunch? (If you do it, please share on our Facebook page!) Not gonna happen? Choose another fun project from our Makin’ It series.

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