Makin’ it: Baby t-shirt wall art

Sniff. It is a sad day when the cutest tiny baby outfit no longer fits. This simple tutorial converts my favorite onesie into wall art so that I we can keep enjoying it.

After assembling the materials, this project only takes about ten minutes. Grab your (cleanest) most sentimental item of clothing, a canvas frame, and a stapler (or better a staple gun).  See full tutorial from Gap-Threadless on pinterest.

I love this owl onesie to use as the foundation for an art project. If my long-torsoed ten month old would fit in the 12-18 month size, I would buy TWO (one for wearing and one for crafting). Or I would cheap out and purchase one for a quickie photo before creating my canvas. It’s $16 right now on

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Source: Uploaded by Gap on Pinterest

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