Activity #499: Make the best diaper cake

CrazyThe last baby shower I went to, I bought up all the medicine cabinet necessities from our “dream baby registry” and put them in a multi-purpose laundry basket. Useful: yes. Adorable: not really.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve never seen a diaper cake in real life. After reading about how to make this cool boozy diaper cake on alphamom, I’m sad I’ve missed out on this ritual and I hope I get a chance to build one soon.

If you’re looking for a clever shower gift that will totally impress people and be hecka useful, I suggest this (and the Rookie Mom’s Handbook of course!).


  • Bottle of champagne (or 6 bottles of Guinness)
  • Serving platter or heavy cardboard
  • Size one diapers, it’s the filling of your cake
  • A whole bag of elastic bands
  • White tissue paper
  • Fancy decorative ribbon

For the instructions, you must read the whole photographed tutorial on Alphamom, I can’t do it justice!