Activity #551: Make last minute gift wrap

I love the last minute craft projects that turn out easy and cute. Lisa’s new crafty blog, picnic, has many fun activities interspersed with DIY kits and finished objects of adorable. She has a three year-old, Bijou, so many of the crafts are kid-focused in one way or another. And her photos are beautiful!

Apple print giftwrap
[photo by picnic’s Lisa]


  1. interested preschooler
  2. red paint and brush (she uses acrylic)
  3. plain paper (blank canvas to use as giftwrap)
  4. half an apple (kid can eat the half with NO paint only, ok?)
  5. safe surface (I’m thinking washable tablecloth, newspaper, or outside)

Here is the full tutorial of how to make apple prints (with more of Lisa’s great pictures). This giftwrap is perfect for birthday parties, valentines wrap, or even cheeky wall art.

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