Make a talking, grunting photo card

talkingpix photo cardHolden and I made a talking card together for Alec’s birthday. We struggled to record the audio greeting the first three times… because Holden has no patience and cannot follow simple instructions. But the end result was super cute and I’m sure Alec presses “play” throughout his work day to hear Holden’s “waa waaa da da da” (which is 11-month old for “This is a neat fountain, Daddy. Thank you for taking me on this vacation.”). prints and sends photo greeting cards with a dime-size push-button that plays a ten-second recording. If you can figure it out, it can be a great way to get the sights and sounds of your baby into grandparents’ hands (or anyone technophobic). And it definitely has that “gee whiz” quality.

When we made our card, I had to start over about four times (once because I accidentally recorded a random grunt instead of the pleasant babble I had intended). As I mentioned, the trickiest part is recording the perfect audio — especially if you want to involve your baby or young child in the process. My tips to ensure you do better than me:

  • Pre-record your “message” on a digital camera or other recording device, so nobody needs to perform on command after a very long phone tree menu.
  • Know which photo you want to use and have it some place you can find it easily. It must be a .jpeg.
  • Don’t be afraid to click refresh. A lot. The site seems pretty new to me and I think they’re still working out a few kinks.
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  • Post any other tips and hints here for our readers.

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