Activity #256: Make a Memory game

Here’s a gift idea. Make a personalized version of the game Memory. You know, where you turn over two tiles to try to make a match. Each time you make a match, you remove the tiles until you have matched all the pairs.

I made this for my grandparents one Christmas. It is about half-way done in this picture. My sister painted it before we gifted it to them.

To make something as awesome as this, you need to spend a little money on supplies. We bought blocks and the tray at a craft store (Michael’s). I cropped and resized the photos until they were all 1.5 inches square and all on the same document. If you are not proficient at any graphics program, you can actually do this in Word. Cut out the images and use something like Mod Podge to adhere them to the blocks. Put another layer of Mod Podge (stuff in the decoupage section of the store) on top.

My sister is going to spray them with a shiny protective coat when she’s done.

We actually also typed up directions for playing the game, just to make the gift a little sweeter, and titled it Family Memory.

We hope my grandparents will have hours or at least a few minutes of fun with this.