Love Thursday

In the spirit of Love Thursday, I wanna talk about my husband and our honeymoon.

We sold most of our stuff, stored the rest of it, and moved out of our apartment in San Francisco to travel the world for six months. The trip itself was amazing; we ate (cauliflower pizza – yuck), drank wine and funny-sounding beer (Zlatarog – yum!), biked, hiked, indulged in massages, toured castles, visited caves, saw friends, and spent time deliciously alone without cell phones.

Oh yeah, and we blogged for friends and family. Took tons of photos. Recorded almost our every thought and insight.

This photo was taken early in our adventure when we were biking around Prague thinking all was going according to plan. Aren’t we thin and carefree? Isn’t it lovely? This church is actually called the “wedding cake church” by tourists and tour guides. We are so clever and cheeky to be in front of it.

About six weeks later, in Swakopmund, Namibia… we found out that we were expecting our first baby. We hightailed it back to California (well, after about 4 more weeks of travelling) and landed in our little Berkeley bungalow. A few months later, our son Holden was born. A few months after that, was born.