Love or shove: weighted baby swaddling blanket?

I’m a huge believer in swaddles to help babies get more sleep. Huge! I realize some of you fall into the “my baby never liked the swaddle” camp, but that’s not my issue. I swaddled my babies each for 3-4 months whether they protested or not, but I don’t know what to think about this new device called the ZEN SWADDLE.

Zen Swaddle: weighted swaddler

Nested Bean created this cozy weighted blanket to mimic the sensations of a parent holding a baby with strategically placed heavy bits. Two strengths are available: Peaceful Touch™ and Loving Embrace™ for you to choose just how squeezy you want the experience to be.

As a preschooler, my eldest required a “heavy hand” to take a nap on a somewhat regular basis. (Nothing mean: it was a glove filled with sand and left on a his back in place of a hour of patting). With that in mind, I suppose this blankie is the infant version.

Zen Swaddle: weighted swaddler in use

I have never tried or even seen this swaddler in use, but my inner engineer was fascinated to learn how it was developed based on industry standards of allowable pressure per square inch for a given body weight modified further for baby’s safety, comfort, and effectiveness. Neato.

Zen Swaddle: weighted swaddler theory


What do you think? Love it or shove it?

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