Spend a week in Los Angeles

Nikki is one of my oldest friends, and she’s holding down the fort in our hometown. You may have heard of it: Los Angeles, California.

Now that baby Lennox is 7 months old, Nik is an expert on where to go with a baby in L.A. Today she shares her suggested itinerary for new moms in L.A.:

Monday: Mommy Movies
Bring your baby to Pacific Theatres at The Grove and spend time in a theatre filled with other parents and their kids. Don’t fret if your babe is crying because other little ones are doing the same. Amazingly, you can concentrate on the movie! ($9.50 The Grove 11:00 am)

Tuedsay: Drop-In Mom’s Group
Bring your baby to a supportive environment. Nancy Beyda (nancybeyda@earthlink.net), a very progressive doula and mom, is the facilitator. Every week there is a different topic from vaccinations to sleeping through the night. Spend time with other moms swapping ideas over an amazing home-cooked vegetarian lunch, included in the price. ($15 at 10:30 am)

Wednesday: More Mommy Movies
Not as fancy as The Grove, but you have a much better chance of seeing an art film here at the Los Feliz 3 on Vermont. Afterwards you can check out La La Ling down the street and check out some high-end baby clothes and classes. ($4.00 at 10:30 am)

Thursday: Douglas Park
This is a great park in Santa Monica at 2501 Wilshire Blvd. Lots of moms and nannies with their little ones. Swing on the baby swings, sit in the sand or watch the ducks swimming in the pond. In the summer, there is a water feature to run through! Afterwards stroll west on Wilshire and visit the Pump Station. Shop a bit and get a schedule of breastfeeding support classes. Cross the street and keep going west and you’ll end up at The Right Start for some more shopping. (Free!)

Friday: Goldenbridge Yoga

Join other moms and babies in a yoga class led by Gurmukh. First, do some yoga for you while your baby lies down and hangs out, and then incorporate your baby in your practice. End class with some dancing followed by a short discussion group. ($15 at 10:30 am at 6322 De Longpre)

Saturday: Waterbabies Swim Class
Bring your baby to this unique saltwater raised pool. It’s 98 degrees and the babies go in naked, in order to replicate how they felt in the womb. The class is 30 minutes long. ($20 Culver City 10:30am – Contact ctielbeke@yahoo.com to RSVP)

Sunday: Shane’s Inspiration, Griffith Park
A playground designed for disabled children, Shane’s Inspiration is very baby friendly. On the way stop and look at the ponies or take a ride on the carousel. (4800 Crystal Springs Dr.)

Bonus activity for the true newbie:
Monday-Wednesday at The Pump Station
A great resource. Bring your baby to a breastfeeding support group in Hollywood or Santa Monica. Wendy or Corky facilitate and have a wealth of information to share. ($10 in Hollywood or Santa Monica @1pm)