Look what I made: Tie t-shirt for Julian

On vacation! Please enjoy this post from 2010.

Julian noticed that I have been sewing a few things for Scarlett and asked me to make something for him.  I had hidden two plain Old Navy ringer tshirts in my closet, intending to embellish them in some way for him, but had not yet decided how.  I knew he really wanted to be surprised with something new.

I linked to this tutorial last week and thought I’d have a go at it last night.  I cut the tie shape from a work shirt that Ryan had tossed in the Goodwill pile. I used fabric glue to set it in place and then zig-zag stitched around the edges.  Not sure how it will hold up in the wash, but I thought it was darn cute when he wore it today.

For Julian, the best part was that when he woke up this morning, he found a post-it note on his bed frame that said

Find a new shirt on the coffee table.

Love, Mommy

When I heard him thump rapidly down the stairs at 6.30 am this morning,  I knew he had read the note.  Seconds later, he burst into my room cradling his new shirt, telling me he loves it. A lovely SuperMom moment for me.