Lightsabers + brats: a tale of two quirky, affordable dates

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HowAboutWe dates I tried #datenight

Alec and I usually try to squeeze in at least one date night each month, whether we have the energy for it or not. I loved taking HowAboutWe for Couples for a test drive because they helped us out of our usual datenight rut. It is so much fun to browse and *heart* the different date ideas. Sometimes, I share them with him, but most often I keep a running wishlist of dream dates. This month, I’m happy to report that we stepped away from “dinner and a movie” and toward “lightsaber dance battles” and “pretzels as big as my face”.

Date One: The Epic Day Date inspired by our mutual love of Star Wars

Last weekend, I took advantage of my parent-in-laws’ visit to squeeze in a daytime date to a Jedi Training Course with my husband. Though he didn’t start out as enthusiastic as I was, I used my budding mind tricks to convince him that it would be fun.

Jedi Knight Training Date courtesy of HowAboutWe

Feeling decidedly badass, I drove the minivan into an unknown part of San Francisco wearing all black, and joined dozens of strangers in spandex or — better! — thematic costumes for a highly entertaining three-hour class.

#datenight graffiti San Francisco

We left with some great pictures and useful skills. Seriously, what other date involves LED lightsaber flourishes, DIY sound effects, and learning enough ninja fencing moves to impress an eight year old? Not nearly enough.

Jedi training class at Golden Gate Knights

Even my reluctant partner had a good time. I realized after the fact that I had expected something a little more acrobatic (perhaps because of Whitney’s recent trapeze date or my own images of flipping and flying to dodge bad guys in the movie fight scenes), but I enjoyed the afternoon for what it was: part yoga, part theatrical swordplay, and part battle-dance class.

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Date Two: An easy date to a biergarten that I didn’t have to force my husband to go on

A few weeks ago, we enjoyed another HowAboutWe date. Feeling time-crunched and uncreative, I used the concierge to narrow down our choices to fit within my ridiculously tight parameters:

  • babysitter already booked
  • must start after Holden’s martial arts test
  • prefer to be in bed before 10pm to not interfere with my next day half marathon
  • a place we’d never tried before
  • not requiring the arm-twisting of the aforementioned “you know you love me enough to go on a Jedi date”.

The date advisor suggested several good choices, and Alec and I agreed on a Beer + Brats date at a waterfront pub in Oakland.

Beer and brats date courtesy of HowAboutWe
Alec was very excited for this date. We got Bay view seats, burgers, sausages, fries, german-style soft pretzel, 4 beers between the two of us (I didn’t accept my second because I was loaded after the first) and all was very tasty. I appreciated that the service helped us make sure that date night didn’t fall victim to our own busy schedules. We were happy to discover a new-to-us German brew pub that might become a new go-to.

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Price for HowAboutWe members: $26

Whether its fresh inspiration or an easy destination for our tiny window of mutual availability (romantic, I know!!), these two dates were just what we needed to feel connected and have a quirky good time. Though these particular ones are expired, the DateBook is always being refreshed, you can save $50 off your first dateWhich of these dates would your partner be more excited about?


I am so grateful to HowAboutWe for sponsoring our efforts to have more fun on dates with our partners and encouraging other rookie moms to do the same thing. For a limited time, you can save $50 off your first date.