Life imitating “art” for earth day

trailingIn honor of Earth Day/Weekend/Month, we’ve been trying to ride our bikes more as transportation. Since Milo’s birthday, we use the bike trailer to take the boys to school most days already, so we’re just amping it up and riding more for errands and what not.

For example, on Saturday, we took Milo and Holden to the Berkeley Earth Day festival via bike trailer… we were not the only ones. It was a very earthy thing to do.

On Sunday, for my own naptime siesta, I biked to my pedicure appointment and then to the mall. I was laughing all the way on my cruiser because the whole thing seemed so funny (look world! I’m on a bike instead of a car! check me out!).

Rookie Moms HandbookYesterday, during my lunchtime, I biked my errands to Target rather than driving.

So, while I feel so proud and green and think, “What a good girl am I,” I also gotta ask, “Can I drive again yet?!” My quads are tired and I have helmet head.