Activity #522: Let your preschooler do the laundry

Ahh, yes the laundry. It plagues me to the point where last night Alec was out with friends and all I wanted to do was to curl up with a movie and a beer and fold laundry after the boys were in bed.

So, what’s the activity? Where’s the fun that makes mommy happy and keeps the kid busy? Well, if you can get your preschooler to load up your washing machine (even if it’s one sock at a time), and then load up the dryer, you will not only have a free hand to drink your coffee, but you are also helping their Proprioceptive Development!

Loading and unloading the washer and dryer is #27 of 99 sensory activities on
. This list was created by Occupational Therapist Casey Halper to help kids with sensory integration issues, but I find that it’s an excellent list to review when you’re in need of ideas to tucker out a revved-up child.

Sensory activities fall into different categories. Perhaps the most useful one for self-regulation is Proprioceptive Input. That’s a fancy word for “heavy work” that engages your joints. These activities make you feel grounded and can be calming for a high-running child or invigorating for a low-running kid.

Refer to this list and see what other heavy lifting you can get out of your three year old!

A couple weeks ago, I learned that Wedding Anniversary #4 is the “appliance anniversary” so I’m also pleased and slightly embarrassed to report that we got a new dryer and I Love It! Holden likes that he can watch things spin around and I like that the laundry basket now fits under the swinging door.

Many of the activities on the list of 99 were excerpted from Raising a Sensory Smart Child.