Leave the country

Have Kid, Will Travel: 101 Survival Strategies for Vacationing With Babies and Young ChildrenGo on a trip. See the world. Expand your baby’s horizons or at least your own.

I am absolutely dying to take Holden on a big vacation some place fabulous (that doesn’t involve visiting relatives — sorry folks!). Our baby was a souvenir of our round-the-world honeymoon. We joke that he was made in Europe and discovered in Africa… so he has the travel bug even if he doesn’t know it yet. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are spending time in the very country where Holden was found. And they’re not afraid to be there with toddlers (and a nanny or two, but still!).

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are kicking it in the Namib desert, toddler styleI am envious that Julian went to Mexico during his first year and that he is back there now! I subscribe to Travel Zoo’s Weekly 20 Travel Deals to fuel my fantasies. I dream about Portugal, Argentina, and Australia. I read Have Kid Will Travel cover to cover and I realize that travelling with kids at different ages is varying amounts of pleasure and pain. I want to live it.

Have you taken your baby on any amazing adventures? Inspire me!